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Semi-Marathon de Paris 2013,

Dear Friends and family,

Maybe it was last April, when I was visiting Jim and JoAnn in Spoleto Italy, and while they worked started running the mountain trails above that lovely town, maybe it was then that I got the idea that running could be fun.

But after decades keeping active in other ways I had no pretense that I could actually run a race. Then, in November, with a few days free to spend with family in Colorado, the idea came to me to see what happened when I put one foot in front of the other up the trail at 5800 feet of altitude, hoping that scenic inspiration would fill in for lack of cardio-capacity. Results were not discouraging, and in a moment of pint-sized folly in a Boulder pub I decided to do what some friends were doing and sign up for the Paris Half-Marathon. The date of which is racing towards me, March 3.

So why I am telling you this? Well first of all, many of you have been wonderfully supportive as I pursue this new venture and, in addition, this event furnishes an occasion to show some support for a very worthy cause. Recently, a runner friend put me in touch with a wonderful NGO, Aides et Action, whose Paris chapter is organizing and encouraging race participation to increase awareness of its work and to raise funds to support that work. Founded in 1981 in the belief that local grass-roots action in favor of education is a key to reducing poverty and fostering development, worldwide, Aides et Action was recognized for tax-deductible contributions in 2002, and in 2007 it re-structured its organization to become a truly internationally effort.

The Paris Half-Marathon is 21 kilometers long and I fully intend to run all 21 of them! Would you be willing to sponsor some or all of those kilometers? My goal is to raise 500 euros for Aides et Action. I suggest a base contribution of 1 euro per kilometer, with those of you who are able contributing more. Of course, all contributions to this lively and effective cause will be deeply appreciated. First of all by me, but above all by the true beneficiaries of your generosity, children who are given the most exciting opportunity of all: learning.

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Aide et Action
Fondée en 1981, Aide et Action est une association de solidarité internationale. Elle intervient dans 24 pays pour favoriser l'accès de tous à une éducation de qualité, levier d'un développement durable. Aide et Action est soutenue par 50 000 parrains et donateurs ; et par un réseau de près de 300 bénévoles en France. Elle est agréée par le ministère de l'Education nationale.